What is people counting system?

The people counting system is also called as people counter sensor, people counter, customer counter, door counter, footfall counter, and so on. The people counting system is an electronic device that is used to measure the number of people who pass through a certain passage or entrance. Usually, the people counting system is with software, which shows the data in detail, such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Besides, API/ protocol can be supported if the customer wants to do the integration with their own system.

Types Of
People Counting System

The main types of people counter are IR people counter (infrared beam people counter) and Camera people counting solution. Besides, we also support wifi people counter, bus passenger counter. Now, as the COVID-19 epidemic spreads all over the world, more and more public places are required to restrict passenger flow, Occupancy limits, Social distancing, People counter in Highlight can help to ensure customers, visitors and employees have the space they need Easy/ wireless installation Economical for a wide entrance With a screen to check the data Suitable for dark environment API available

Benefits of
People Counting

To make effective business decisions, you need good intelligence – and that’s what footfall counters provide. Accurate and reliable footfall measurements allow you to:

-Benchmark high-performing stores to increase conversions.

-Discover your stores’ peak hours to increase sales.

-Optimize staff operations according to the number of visitors during power hours to increase revenue.

-Purify your conversion rate by consolidating visitor groups as one potential buyer.




  • Over 95% high counting accuracy;
  • Plug and play installation;
  • Free network software;
  • WIFI/POE available;
  • Free API for integration;
  • All in one system;
  • No local computer required



  • HPC008 is suitable for the place where has perfect network
  • environment, and customers who need
  • more accurate bidirectional data and detailed report.
  • Single or Chain Store/Shopping Mall
  • Discover your power hours in which your malls generate the most traffic.
  • Measure the performance of
  • campaigns and advertising.
  • Supermarket
  • Forecast peaks in demand to avoid queues at the checkout.
  • Airport
  • Monitor queues in real-time to optimize passenger traffic flow
  • Public Institution (Office/Restroom/Restaurant/…)
  • Measure your visitors accurately to manage events and marketing
  • campaigns accordingly.



Size: 18.9*14.5*5.8CM



Accuracy customer-flow detection: ≥98%

Temperature: -20℃–+65℃

Software: Network

Processor: ARM   cortex A7>1GHZ (28NM)

Door height detection :2.6-5.1 meters.

Door width detection:2 meters

Integration: Port protocol files

Processor: ARM cortex A7>1GHz(28nm)

Video Input: cmos /Simplex high definition

Image Processing: Exposure Control/ Gain Control/ White Balance/

Gamma Correction

Protocol standard: 802.11a or 802.11b/g

Network Interface: RJ45, 10M/100M, Adaptive to Ethernet port

Video Frame rate: 30fps